Ruslan Kalitin is a Russian Houston-based indie, introspective illustrator, cartoonist and zinester, kitesurfer, paramotor pilot and motorcyclist. Very energetic and well organized :)
Using structured and methodological approach to his art he managed to publish more than 20 comic books, zines and 1 graphic novel 'Silver Sedans' since 2017 in Russia and the US. Also he's a regular attendant to Staple! Independent Expo event in Austin (TX), Zine Fest Houston and Comic Indie Con, HTX.
His technics are usually ink on paper, digitally colored or totally digital (Procreate).
Right now he's working on graphic novel 'Circumpolar Ural' (1st chapter you can find in here) in parallel with small projects: comic book 'Mirchek & Pennart Adventures' for children and others.
Books can be purchased on - link below
Follow him on Instagram @mirchek.comics and @paramotor.pilot

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